One Atmosphere

One Atmosphere
One Atmosphere.
My name's John Triggerfish and I'm a scuba diving legend.
Jacques Cousteau has nothing on me. He might have been the pioneer of underwater exploration but I'm the sub aqua king; and what I don't know about diving and adventure isn't worth knowing. I've come a long way in a big way. Especially in a few Thai bar girls; but that was yesteryear and this is now.

I'm currently at the top of my game with hundreds of diving hours under my weight belt and this time it's as close to a true tale as you can get, nearly. There's a monkey involved in this story. Everybody loves a cheeky monkey. There's sharks too. Everybody loathes sharks because sharks are sharp toothed evil motherfuckers that cause unnecessary chunky chum filled limb losing watery death. There's a dolphin. There's a beautiful dolphin straight out of a fairytale, because every good book has to have a dolphin in it. This is a story about returning from Mexico in one piece and making friends. Yeah. Real friends.

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