232 bars

232 bars
232 Bars

John Triggerfish lost everything and decided to start a new life in paradise. It didn't quite work out that way, although the ladyboys were pretty interesting. This is his story about becoming a Padi diving professional and meeting all manner of characters on his travels around the wonderful Kingdom of Thailand. Then of course there's his relationship with all the women that he meets whist cruising around the beaches and bars. That's pretty interesting/disturbing. Add in a few nutters from Blighty and some of the best diving on the planet, and you've probably got the funniest book about scuba ever written. 232 Bars is NOT for the faint hearted. Please don't bother to read if easily offended.
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For more info visit http://www.phuket.com/nightlife/patong-tips_BK.htm

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